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Below, find more resources for cooperative statues across the United States! 

2015 Research Comparing Worker Coop Statutes

During the multi-year campaign to change California’s cooperative statute, the California Worker Coop Policy Council researched worker coop statutes across the US and created a google sheet to compare each statute. See the 2015 summary of worker cooperative statutes from around the United States by clicking here.

Worker Coop Project by ICA Group

The ICA Group, based in Massachusetts, created this resource for state and federal law, policy proposals, and legal forms. The ICA Group believes that all people should enjoy economic self-determination. They strive to facilitate such a society by acting as a catalyst for groups working to ensure workers have a meaningful say in their own economic future and through the development of firms that put these ideals into practice.

Cooperative Statutes by State by the National Cooperative Business Association

The National Cooperative Business Association’s (NCBA) State Cooperative Statute Website is a comprehensive, state-by-state review of co-op law, and expected to address the challenge of inconsistent legislative framework for cooperative development in the US. NCBA’s mission is to develop, advance, and protect cooperative enterprise. Their work highlights the impact that cooperatives have in the economic success of communities around the world.

More full state pages coming soon!  

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